This Virtual Museum has been prepared by a group of scientists, historians and educationists who practise or have practised in the mainstream of their subject. Our subjects include archaeology, biology, chemistry, geology and physics. We all have personal research experience – a number of us holding research degrees from British universities – and we believe strongly in an evidence-based approach to knowledge.

We approach our subjects from a Christian perspective and therefore interpret them through a biblical world-view. This enables us to look beyond the Darwinian philosophies which currently deeply influence the academic world and to challenge some aspects of these with strong contrary evidence, drawn from mainstream science. Others with different world-views also question Darwinian philosophies as the Further Resources page will reveal.

We have all been associated with a charitable company founded in 1994 and known as The Genesis Agendum, the mission of which is to promote and publicise research in science and history and its interpretation from a biblical world-view. This first phase of the website has been possible through two generous donations made through this organisation. Further phases to develop some of the topics are planned when resources allow.

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