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The majority of textbooks present an understanding of the world around us from a materialistic and evolutionary standpoint from which it is assumed that:

  • The universe arose from the "big bang";
  • Life originated either through the formation of the simplest organisms from primordial chemicals or through microbial life arriving from space;
  • All contemporary living things are modified descendants of a universal common ancestor;
  • Biological evolution is the mechanism which explains the diversity of life on earth;
  • Deep time is necessary for such processes to take place.

But how well established is this?

Galaxy NGC 4319 and adjacent quasar Markarian 205 have different redshifts suggesting they are a great distance apart.

Big Bang theory

How secure is big bang theory?

High resolution electron microscopy of a sample of red rain that fell jn Kerala, India.

Origin of Life

How did life begin? Biogenesis or panspermia?

Homology: the structural similarity of animal forearms.

A universal common ancestor

Did all life evolve from a simple life form?

A blind and a sighted Cavefish.

What is biological evolution?

Has new genetic code evolved?

Mount St Helens layered deposit, some 25 foot (7.6 m) deep

Deep time

Changed evidence, unchanged dates.