A note for teachers & students in England & Wales

Teachers and students may be interested to know that advance notice of this website was sent to the Secretary of State for Education and the Schools Minister for their advisors to pre-view before it was launched. 

We append below extracts from the replies received from the advisors:

Thank you for your email dated 20 August 2010 about the new "The World Around Us" website. Your email has been passed to me for reply as I work on the team which is responsible for STEM subjects within the national Curriculum. I was very interested to see the wide range of subjects covered by the website.

It is the government's intention to restore the National Curriculum to its original purpose … to give schools greater freedom to build on the core statutory requirements to provide a rich learning experience for all their pupils, and to allow teachers to use their professional judgement to decide how to teach and to organise the curriculum.

The Department is always interested in receiving information aimed at improving the educational experience of children, and I can see how your new educational resource could support schools.

We do not endorse, fund or promote specific resources or activities for use in schools. We leave such decisions for teachers themselves to make, as we believe they are best placed to recognise the needs and abilities of their pupils. With this in mind you may wish to contact schools directly …